Why Do I Need a Backup Battery for My Garage Door Opener?

The point of the backup battery to get your garage door opener is really to permit continued use in the function that the electricity that fuels the opener becomes inaccessible. The last thing you would like during an electrical outage would be to climb on top of your car having a flashlight and also teach yourself how the machine works in sequence to manually open it. Would you envision becoming the only living in your area who can not flee the hurricane or tornado because you can’t ever get your car out of their garage?┬áVarious reputed companies like garage door repair near me providing efficient commercial and residential services for all garage doors.


Your garage door opener is now plugged into an electric socket or hard-wired into your home’s grid. In case the breaker trips, or when a burglar strikes a power pole back, an electric toaster could ensure it is more impossible to start up your garage door using a battery backup.

Bad Weather

Storms could cause electrical power outages plus they make daily life difficult without depriving you in your property. There’s not a convenient time for the garage door to quit functioning, but if you are planning to abandon your home at a storm, then you’ve got enough in mind. And following the storm, when everybody is clearing up and recovering, that you never will need to be trapped, ready to get the power to be revived and that means that you can get your garage door open.


Electricity outages and weather could create their own emergencies. It is correct you may manually open the door when you’ve viewed the mechanics, but emergencies are somewhat unpredictable. Would you imagine dividing the arm that will exactly the heavy lifting, simply to discover you can’t bypass the garage door opener at that time you need it the most?

Lots of newer garage door openers include battery copies. It might sound like a frivolous novelty, nonetheless, it could be hugely valuable within an emergency. Aftermarket battery copies are also offered and will be connected into your garage door opener, even also.

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