4 Factors to Consider to Buy a New Garage Door

Do you want to install a new garage door, But don’t know where to buy?

A garage door is not a regular buying product for homeowners. So, most of the homeowners do not know how to complete a garage door buying process. To avoid the struggles of the homeowner, I have stated a garage door buying guide with the help of professional garage door installation experts. Here are some important points; you should keep in mind when buying a new garage door.

Evaluate the garage door requirements first:

Garage door comes in different styles, each type has its own pros and cons that you have to know to determine what the best choice is for you. Every home has different characteristics and needs, you should also highlight them before choosing a new garage door.

Ask you first, what you want? Do you want a classic, contemporary, or rustic looking garage door? Determining the garage door style will help to narrow down your choices and to make a good decision.

Once you figure out the garage door style, evaluate the garage door cost that will fit on your budget. There is a variety of garage doors available in the market that features high-quality material and gives a modern look to your home, such as;

Aluminum Garage Door:

An aluminum garage door is an economical option for a humid environment. Since they are aluminum, these doors do not rust and need little maintenance. You can replace its panels with glass to get a modern appearance. The double door (16/7) is typically priced around $1500 to $2000.

Steel Garage Door:

Steel garage doors come in varieties of colors, styles, and shapes. They also give you the benefits of insulation and price. You can get anything from a standard, non-insulated, single layer, to the advanced version of three layers and 2-inches polyurethance insulated steel garage door. The estimated cost of double garage door (16/7) ranges from $750 to $ 3500.

Wood Garage Door:

When you consider the wood garage door installation, there is no doubt in the modern, distinctive, and elegant beauty of the wood. Wood garage doors are available in redwood, oak, moisture-resistant cedar, timber, or cypress material that will complement the contemporary look of your house. These are more durable and flexible as compare to others. In the case of extreme climate conditions, the wood door may need more maintenance and insulation to avoid damages. Wood garage door price ranges from $1200 to $4000 for a standard double garage door (16/7) made from quality wood.

Composite Wood Garage Door:

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With timeless beauty, durability, and low maintenance features, a faux wood garage door can be a wonderful addition to your home. It will reduce the drawbacks of other natural materials. It is prepared with moisture-resistant properties to prevent it from splitting, rotting, shrinking, and cracking. You can paint and insulate it easily. The average cost of a double garage door(16/7) ranges from $1200 to $2200.

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