Cost of Automatic Garage Door_ Factor to Look when Buying It

Automatic garage door is the latest technological invention that offers a high level of comfort, security, and convenience to homeowners who need to use their garage frequently. It facilitates the homeowner to park his /her vehicle without getting off from it. You can operate your garage door with the help of one button on the remote control to automatically open and close it. In addition to the advantage of quick parking, automatic garage doors are also installed for a variety of reasons ranging from a high level of security, aesthetic appeal to a home, energy efficiency, and peace of mind. The automatic garage door comes in a variety of styles, colors, materials, and shapes. You can choose the one according to your budget, requirements and architectural style of your building. For quality garage door and garage door opener, consider Schaumburg, Illinois garage door opener cost guide. The opinion expressed in a guide will help you to enjoy many years of security and convince with an automatic garage door.

Prices of Garage Door

The estimated cost range of the automatic garage door varies from $928 to $ 1505.

Automatic garage doors are available in the markets with a standard size of 9feet wide by 7feet tall. You have to pay more if you want to get a large door. The cost of a double garage door should be double than the standard sized door. In addition to the basic cost, you have to pay some extra cost for this home improvement project. Accessories such as, screw drive system, computer-controlled mechanism, and mounting hardware can cost $200 for the automatic garage door. Most suppliers offer free installation services. Otherwise, the installation cost will be $41 per hour. If you want to install an automatic garage door opener or add other opening modifications, the material and labor cost will increase for this project.  

Materials of Automatic Garage Door:

Automatic garage door is manufactured with different kinds of materials. Each type has its own characteristics and benefits. Following are the common types of automatic garage doors available in the market.

  • Steel Automatic garage door:

This is the most durable material used to prepare an automatic garage door. Steel is strong and corrosion-resistant which can be insulated. It has a single or double-layer which can be textured to look like a plank of wood.

  • Aluminum Garage Door:

These doors are suitable for salty and humidity environment. These doors are cheap, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant which can be pained. These are the dent-free and scratch-free doors due to its soft metal properties.  

  • Fiberglass Automatic Garage Door:

It is a wonderful martial used in the preparation of an automatic garage door. These doors are lightweight and crack resistant but available in limited styles and colors.

  • Wood Automatic Garage Door:

These are heaviest and attractive garage door which need a special motor to handle their operations. It is a highly demanded option as per the latest market trends. To enjoy its appurtenance and durability, it needs regular maintenance services such as, lubrication, painting, and insulation. Wood garage doors are the expensive option among the all automatic garage doors.

  • Composite Automatic Garage doors:

These are a mixture of different materials such as, aluminum, vinyl, wood, and steel. These are composited and laminated to look like a plank of wood.

Homeowners have a variety of automatic garage door options to choose from. Some garage doors are designed with one or more windows. Other styles are based on operational functions. Advance garage doors also designed with manual operating functions. You can operate them manually in the case of garage door opener failure and power outage.  Following mentioned are the common styles of an automatic garage door.

  • Up and Over Automatic Garage Doors:

These doors are prepared with a single panel that wings out as it operates. You have to wait until its track is lifted completely to park your vehicle into the garage.

  • Sectional Automatic Garage Doors:

These styles of garage doors consist of the three to eight panels. These panels are attached to each other horizontally. The panels of door fold slowly when motor raises them on the track.

  • Carriage House Automatic Garage Doors:

Since 2002, these garage doors hold their position. These are similar to sectional garage doors that open in the outward direction.

  • Roller Automatic garage doors:

These types of garage doors are manufactured with many corrugated panels. These are suitable for industrial and commercial buildings.

Advantages of Automatic Garage Doors:

  • The leading beneficial feature of the automatic garage door is its convenience. You can operate the door with the help of a remote without leaving your vehicle. The remote can attach to the window visor of the vehicle with the help of a clip.
  • These garage doors are available in different styles and materials. Having more options mean you can avail of an opportunity to choose the best according to your needs and budget.
  • Another major benefit of the automatic garage door is that it is created with a special sensor. It will hold the door’s operation when it senses something on its way. The sensor also works to close it completely. No additional safety mechanism is needed to secure the garage door.  

Disadvantages of Automatic Garage Doors:

  • No doubt, an automatic garage door is a technological innovation for homes but it is associated with some disadvantages as well. In the case of a power outage, you have to operate it manually.
  • Manual operation is complicated and risky in the case of steel of wood material. Another drawback is that an automatic garage door is an expensive option as compared to others.
  • When you choose an automatic garage door, it means you have chosen a complicated mechanism. It will require regular maintenance of tracks and motor like cleaning and lubrication of the door. Regular maintenance takes more effort, money, and time.
  • Automatic garage door needs certified technicians to fix any mechanical problems. A high-quality automatic garage door is ideally designed for 30,000 guaranteed operations. One operation is consists of one opening and one close cycle of the door.
  • An automatic garage door will need repair or replacement after a few periods of time if you frequently use it.
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There are plenty of manufacturers that create automatic garage doors. They supply their products to consumers directly or through authorized vendors. These vendors have experienced and certified installers who can provide quality garage door installation services. They also offer a warranty on their products and services. The leading supplier and licensed supplier of Automatic garage door in the USA is “Garage Door Services, Schaumburg, Illinois “.

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