Home-Selling Tip – How to Make Your House Look Bigger

Competition is always present, especially in the real estate market. Buying and selling homes are not as easy as it was before many years ago. However, selling of residential properties is more complicated as compared to buying a house. When you sell your house, expect that there are a lot of competitors out there. But, do not get intimidated if some houses are bigger and more modern than your home. Learn the basic tricks to fooling the eye and enhancing your house to make it twice its original size.

In a small space, everything counts. The key to making it appear bigger depends on how you do the arrangement and furnishings of your house. Making your small home look spacious is just like making improvements. It is a part of the whole home staging process that determines the success of your home sale that also adds value to your property.

Tips For Making Your House Appear Bigger

These are some essentials that can help in upgrading the size of the house without making any renovations. These are simple, easy to do tricks that any homeowner whether they wish to sell their house or not can do on their own or with the helping hand of their family members.

Tip # 1: Let natural light flow in.

·Instead of turning on the lights or your chandelier perhaps, why not throw your curtains open and raise your blinds. Switching in lights is for night-time purposes only. Let the beauty of nature enter your house. Interior decorators say that by letting sunlight stream into your home, it radiates a very charming and soothing atmosphere. This makes every room brighter and a bright room exudes spaciousness. You need this in every area of the house.

Tip # 2: Do the mirror trick.

·This next tip has always been a favorite of decorators and homeowners. They say that having furniture made of mirrors or things that reflect back makes a house bigger. Strategically place windows and another mirror furniture’s in the whole house, this will reflect lightness making the house very roomy. Dining tables, coffee tables, and side tables that are made of glass help a lot.

Tip # 3: De-clutter.

·Probably the most space consuming, a house that is full of clutter makes a house very small and often reflects confinement. No one wants to feel this way, especially in a home. It is best that you sort out your stuff. Throw away useless and damaged things. Store your stuff in organized boxes. Buy in hardware stores boxes that have classy and fun designs that come very cheap. This helps clean out the junk and add decoration to your home.

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Tip # 4: Re-arrange furniture’s.

·One of the most basic and effective strategy for making a house look big is by changing the positions of your fittings. Better yet, if you have extra cash replace them.

·A small living room area needs a sectional sofa to provide ample sitting and at the same time more space. Having a coffee table with provided drawers is very multi-functional.

·Try adding on a couch that can be turned into storage space as well.

·For all areas of the house, furniture’s that are in the same color family of your wall make it bigger.

Tip # 5: Switch up the colors.

·Avoid using very solid colors that have dark shades such as red, black, orange, and violet since this only cramps up space.

·Go for white colors in varying shades such as cotton or ivory white. This goes well with your glass furnishings.

·Opt for pastel colors like pale yellow, soft green, light lavender or camel brown. Soft shades create a homey vibe that seemingly adds instant size to the house.

Tip # 6: Attach cabinets and desks on the wall.

·Having storage areas on the wall clear up space. Also, it is good to affix small cabinets with glass paneling to showcase your knick knacks.

Making your house look bigger is a challenge. Space is limited and you have to learn how to smartly make use of every corner in order to arrange it in a fashion that reflects spaciousness. However, this is a very doable technique and it has helped thousands of home sellers sell their properties fast. In just a few steps, your home will be bigger, in demand, and most importantly – sold.

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